JR36 Thermal relay
JR36 Thermal relay
JR36 Thermal relay
JR36 Thermal relay
JR36 Thermal relay
JR36 Thermal relay
JR36 Thermal relay

JR36 Thermal relay


JR36 series thermal overload relays (hereinafter referred to as thermal relays) are suitable for overload and breakage protection of AC motors with 50HZ/60HZ, rated voltage 690V and current 0.25-160A for long-term operation or discontinuous long-term operation.

Thermal relay has broken phase protection, temperature compensation, automatic and manual reset, the product performance is stable and reliable.

This product conforms to: GB14048.4, IEC60947-4-1 and other standards.

This series of thermal relays can only be installed independently.

Normal working conditions

Altitude: not more than 2000m.

The ambient air temperature is -5℃~+40℃, and the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed +35℃.

Atmospheric conditions: atmospheric relative humidity does not exceed 50% at +40℃, and relatively high relative humidity can be obtained at lower temperature. The average minimum temperature of the wettest month does not exceed +25℃, and the average maximum relative humidity of the month does not exceed 90%. Special measures should be taken for the condensation occasionally produced due to temperature changes.

The pollution level is level 3.

The inclination of the mounting surface to the vertical plane shall not exceed 5°.

In a medium without explosive hazard and in which there is no gas or conductive dust sufficient to corrode the metal and damage the insulation.

In places with rain and snow protection equipment and no water vapor.

Where there is no significant shaking, impact or vibration.

Protective properties



JR36-20 JR36-63 JR36-160
Rated operating current A


20 63 160
Rated insulation voltage V


690 690 690
Open phase protection


Manual and automatic reset


Temperature compensation


Test button




stand alone type stand alone type stand alone type
The auxiliary contact


AC-15 380V Rated Current A


0.47 0.47 0.47
DC-15 220V Rated Current A


0.15 0.15 0.15
Conductor cross-sectional area mm2 The primary loop Single core or stranded wire 1.0~4.0 6.0~16 16~70
Connection screw M5 M6 M8
The auxiliary circuit Single core or stranded wire 2X(0.5~1) 2X(0.5~1) 2X(0.5~1)
Connection screw M3 M3 M3

Structural characteristics

Three - phase bimetallic strip type, trip class 10A

With differential phase - breaking protection.

It has continuous adjustable device of setting current.

With temperature compensation.

It has movement flexibility detection mechanism.

With detection button, it can disconnect the normally closed contact manually.

Adjustable structure with manual and automatic reset conversion.

It has an electrically separable normally open and normally closed contact.

Installation method: independent installation.

Protective properties

Project Serial number Set current multiples The action time Test conditions
Overload protection 1 1.05 No action for 2 hours Cold start
2 1.2 Action for 2 hours The hot state (after serial number 1) begins
3 1.5 Action for 2 min The hot state (after serial number 1) begins
4 7.2 2s<Tp≤10s Cold start
Open phase protection 5

Any two phases,

 |, another phase

No action for 2 hours Cold start
1.0          |0.9



6 1.5          |0 Action for 2 hours The hot state (after serial number 5) begins

Selection and order data

Specifications Rated Current A

Fuse A

Type "1" to cooperate


Type "2" to cooperate

Match the contactor type
JR36-20 0.25-0.35 63 1.6 CJT1-10 And other models
0.32-0.50 63 1.6
0.45-0.72 63 2
0.68-1.10 63 4
1.0-1.6 63 6
1.5-2.4 63 6
2.2-3.5 63 10
3.2-5.0 63 16 CJT1-20 And other models
4.5-7.2 63 16
6.8-11 63 25
10-16 63 35
14-22 63 50
JR36-32 20-32 100 63 CJT1-40 And other models
JR36-63 14-22 160 50 CJT1-60 And other models
20-32 160 63
28-45 160 100
40-63 160 160
JR36-160 40-63 250 160 CJT1-100 And other models
53-85 250 160
75-120 315 224 CJT1-160 And other models
100-160 315 224

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