Solid State Relay (SSR) is a non-contact switch composed of microelectronic circuit, discrete electronic device and power electronic power device.The control end is separated from the load end by a photoelectric coupling or pulse signal.The input of the solid state relay uses tiny control signals to directly drive large current loads.

Product Overview

Solid state relay


NDG1 1A 3A 5A
NDG1 D4810 10A
NDG1 D4820 20A
NDG1 D4825 25A
NDG1 D4840 40A
NDG1 D4850 50A
NDG1 D4860 60A
NDG1 D4870 70A
NDG1 D4880 80A
NDG1 D4890 90A
NDG1 D48100 100A
NDG1 D48120 120A

Solid state relay


NDG1 D4810 10A
NDG1 D4820 20A
NDG1 D4825 25A
NDG1 D4840 40A
NDG1 D4860 60A
NDG1 D4880 80A
NDG1 D4880 100A

Solid state relay


NDG1 DD220D10 10A
NDG1 DD220D20 20A
NDG1 DD220D25 25A
NDG1 DD220D40 40A

Solid state relay

(SSVR)(2W 470K)

NDT1 R210 10A
NDT1 R225 25A
NDT1 R240 40A
NDT1 R260 60A
NDT1 R280 80A
NDT1 R2100 100A

Solid state relay



NDT2 10A
NDT2 25A
NDT2 40A

Solid state relay


NDG1-3 3810 10A
NDG1-3 3825 25A
NDG1-3 3840 40A
NDG1-3 3860 60A
NDG1-3 3880 80A
NDG1-3 38100 100A
Industrial-grade Solid state relay NDG1A-1/360ZF 60A
NDG1A-1/380ZF 80A
NDG1A-1/3100ZF 100A
NDG1A-1/3120ZF 120A
NDG1A-1/3200ZF 200A
NDG1A-1/3290ZF 290A
NDG1A-1/3300ZF 300A
NDG1A-1/3400ZF 400A
NDG1A-1/3500ZF 500A



NDG1(SSR-D/A) 10-80A 22/38

Input voltage


Input current


Make-on voltage


Break-off voltage


Reverse voltage


Output voltage

22:24-240VAC, 38:40-440VAC

Output current

10A,15A,20A,25A,30A,40A, 60A, 80A

Instant voltage

22: 600VAC, 38:900VAC

Voltage drop


ON-OFF time


Leakage Current


Dielectric strength


Insulation Resistance


Ambient temperature

-30℃ to 80℃

Indicate method



When the output current is over 10A, A radiator is necessary, When the output current is over 80A,

Fan is necessary.


Dimension and hole size

ssrdc ac

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