NDX1(XJ3-D) Phase break and phase sequence protective relays
NDX1(XJ3-D) Phase break and phase sequence protective relays
NDX1(XJ3-D) Phase break and phase sequence protective relays
NDX1(XJ3-D) Phase break and phase sequence protective relays

NDX1(XJ3-D) Breaker and phase sequence protection relay


NDX1 overvoltage, undervoltage, phase failure and phase sequence protector (hereinafter referred to as the protector), and ac contactor switch of electrical protection circuit, the irreversible three-phase ac motor and transmission equipment (such as pumps, fans, conveyor belt, air compressor, feeder circuit) of possible overvoltage, undervoltage, phase sequence, phase of fault effectively protect the wrong answer.
Protectors are widely used in three-phase AC 50Hz, voltage 380V low voltage distribution system in industry, agriculture and service industry.
When the protector's phase sequence is misconnected with the original phase sequence due to change or maintenance after the identification;When the power supply line is out of phase;When overvoltage or undervoltage occurs in the power supply network;The protector can cut off the power supply of the main circuit, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting equipment and personal safety.
The protector adopts advanced voltage detection principle, and the main components are imported integrated circuits of high quality, with reliable performance, fault indication, strong anti-interference ability, small volume, easy to install and use, etc., and it is not affected by the power size of the protected equipment.


Normal working conditions and installation conditions

1. Normal workpiece conditions
The upper limit of ambient air temperature shall not exceed +40℃, and the lower limit of ambient air temperature shall be -5℃.
2. The elevation of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m.Atmospheric conditions
A. Humidity: When the maximum temperature is +40℃, the relative humidity of the air shall not exceed
50%. Higher relative humidity may be allowed at lower temperatures, e.g. 90% at 20 ° C.Special measures should be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes.
B. Contamination level: contamination level 3 of the protector (with or without conductive contamination)
Condensation turns dry non-conductive pollution into electrical conductivity.
4. Installation conditions
A. Installation method: 1) Screw fixed installation;2) Installation of 35mm standard guide rail.
B. The manufacturer recommends that the protector be installed perpendicular to the ground for easy control operation.
Any other installation Angle will not have any effect on normal use.

Main technical parameters

1. Power supply voltage range: AC 50Hz, three-phase 300~460V.
2. Overvoltage protection: adjustable from 380V to 460V, adjustable delay from 0.5S to 5s.
3. The undervoltage protection is adjustable from 300V ~ 380V, and the delay time is adjustable from 1s ~ 10s.
4. Action time of phase break and phase sequence protection ≤0.2s.
5. Mechanical life: 1×106 times.
6. Electric life: 1×105 times.
7. Contact capacity: AC220V 5A (resistive load)
8. Power consumption: no more than 2W


Appearance and hole size


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