NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay
NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay
NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay
NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay
NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay
NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay

NDS15PF Digital dial code type time relay


NDS15P series digital time relay (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for ac 50Hz, working voltage 380V and below or DC working voltage 24V control circuit as a delay element, according to the predetermined time to switch on or off the circuit.

The relay is set as digital dialing code, which completely replaces ST3P, AH2, AH3 series products, and solves the defect of nonlinearity adjustment of potentiometer of ST3P, AH2, AH3 series products, and can be widely used for delay control in automatic control circuit.

This series of relays implements Q/ZND 0081 enterprise standard, in accordance with GB 14048.5 and JB/T 10047 related provisions.

Main technical parameters










Working mode

Delay on

Release time delay

Power delay with transient contact

Delay off

Delay on

Signal disconnection delay

Star Triangle start delay

Reciprocating cycle delay

Delay range





Set way

2 /3 digit dial-code switch Settings

2 digit digital dial code switch setting, 1 bit base dial code switch setting

Repetitive error

When the delay range is greater than 1s, Er≤1% : when the delay range is less than 1s, Dr≤50ms

Contact number

Delay 2 conversion

Delay one conversion

Transient 1 conversion


Delay 2 conversion

A. Delay 2 conversion

B. Delay 1 conversion, transient 1 conversion

Delay one conversion

Delay star triangulation, transient 1 normally open

Delay one conversion

Contact capacity

AC250V 3A COSØ=1

Electrical life


The rated voltage

AC24V、AC36V、AC110V、AC220V、AC380V 50Hz,DC24V;

Allowable fluctuation range(85%~110%)Ue

The environment temperature


At an altitude of



When the maximum temperature at the installation site is 40℃, the relative humidity of the air shall not exceed 50%, and higher humidity may be allowed at lower temperatures, such as 90℃ at 20℃.Special measures should be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes


With different sockets and accessories, device type, panel type

 and 35mm guide rail installation can be realized


Working sequence diagram

nds15pfszsbmssjjdq 6

nds15pfszsbmssjjdq 08


The wiring diagram


Outline size drawing (mm)

nds15pfszsbmssjjdq 7


Directions for use

1. Connect the product to the control circuit according to the wiring diagram on the label of relay housing and refer to the example of circuit Article 8.

2. Adjust the dial code switch, premake the delay time, turn on the power, and the relay starts to run according to the corresponding working sequence in the third article

3. NDS15PF power on time should be ≥ 2S.

4. When the NDS15PK signal control end (3 and 4) is closed, it shall be more than 50ms. From the time when the control end (3 and 4) is disconnected, the relay shall start to delay and delay to the preset time, and the relay shall release.

5. NDS15PA mode A and B can be selected by adjusting the shift switch on the panel, and the delay time and Mode A and B should be set before the product is powered on.

6. The delay time of NDS15PY star triangle conversion is 70ms.

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