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Our Products:power relay time relay time switch liquid level relay miniature relay solid state relay relay socket electrical network protection motor control motor protection thermal relay
Welcome to Naidian's website, Naidian Group Co.,Ltd. products have been exported to America, Europe, Mid-East, Southeast Asia. etc. Ensured quality and reasonable price are the loundation for us to constantly develop, Call center or Tel: 86-577-61731588 Fax:86-577-61731588
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  • Established in1989, With a 20-plus year history of leadership,Naidian Group Co.,Ltd. located in China Electric Capital,Liushi, where is regarded as low voltage electrical equipment production base of China. We design, manufacture and market products for customers in industries ranging. Naidian is an professional manufacturer & exporter of relays..

    We mainly produce all types of relays, such as Power Relay,PCB Relay, General-purpose Relay,Solid State Relay, Time Relay, Automotive Relay,Counter,Thermal Relay, Electromagnetic Relay,Earth Leakage Relay,liquid Level Relay,motor control motor protection series, Relay Socket. ...... MORE>>

Power Relay
Power relays - JQX-30F Power Relay
Mini Power Relay - JQX-38F Power Relay
China power relay - JQX-53FF Power Relay
General-purpose Relay
Power relays - 55.02 55.04 General-purpose
Power Relay Supplies - HH5_P General-purpose
Reactive Power Control Relay - JQX-13F
Time Relay
Time relay - AH2 Electronic time relay
Timer Relay - AH3 electronic time relay
Timing relays-H3BA-11 electronic time relay
Counter relay
JDM9 digital display counter
KG316T,KS microcomputer time controller
SDK-2 power quartz controller
Liquid level relay
AFR-1 series liquid level relay
AFS-GR series liquid level relay
JYB-2,-3 liquid level relay
Automotive relay
4117 Automotive relay
4290 Automotive relay
CKA Automotive relay
PCB relay
JQX-14FC PCB relay
JQX-76F PCB relay
JRC19F(4078) PCB relay
Telecom relay
JRC-19F Telecom relay
JRC-21F(4100) Telecom relay
JRC-22F(4102) Telecom relay
Solid state relay
Solid state relay(SSR)
ac solid state relay(SSR)
Solid state relays(SSRs)
Relay Socket
10F08B-E Relay Socket
10F11B-E Relay Sockets
Electrical socket-PF083A Relay Socket
Current relay voltage relay
DL-10 current relay
DL-20 Ccurrent relay
DL-30 Ccurrent relay
Over-direct current relay
CZ17 series DC contact relay
CZ20 DC contactor relay
JL4 series current relays
Signal relay
DX-11,11A series singal relays
DXM-2A signal relays
Intermediate relay
DX-8,8G intermediate relays
DZ-200 intermediate relays
JZ11 series intermediate relays
Motor control motor protection
NDD5(JZF) ObverseReversible Controller
NDD6(DJ) Current-time Changing Device
NDD2(JD98) Motor Protector
Thermal relay
LR2 thermal relays
3UA thermal relay
LR1 thermal relays
china relay
general-purpose relayPower Relay
PCB relayMiniature Relay
digital display time relayTime Relay
digital display counterTime switch
liquid level relayliquid Level Relay
Solid State RelaySolid State Relay
over-current relayElectrical Network Protection
Obverse Reversible Controllermotor control motor protection
Thermal relayThermal relay
Relay SocketRelay Socket
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