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Mini relay-automotive relay

Name: JD12 JD22 Automotive Relay

Mini relay-automotive relay
Automotive Relay


1. 30A/40A switching use relay at ambient temperature of 80℃
2. Compatiable Fasten Terminal arrangement with this kind of power relay
3. Simple magnetic circuit to meet mass production of lowcost offer
4. Operating ambient temperature range covers form -30℃ to 80℃

Ordering Information

Mark demonstration JD22  - 12VDC-1H S
Type JD22:  Belt seat back cushion          JD12 :  NO Seat back cushion
Coil voltage 6    9    12    18    24    36.  48 VDC
Contact Arrangement 1H:SPST-NO         1Z:SPDT
Construction S:Sealed IP67       NO:No Sealed IP67
Contact Material NO:    AgSn02     D: AgCdO
Coil power NO:  1.6 W       H:  1.8 w
Wiring form NO(P):    PCB

Contact Data

Contact Arrangement 1H(1A),     1Z(1C)
Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ      (1A 6VDC)
Contact Material Silver Alloy
Contact Rating(Res.Load) 40 A / 14VDC
Max.switching curreng 40 A
Max.switching curreng 640 W
Max.switching voltage 75 VDC
Mechanical life 1×107 times
Electrical life 5×104 times


Initial Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, 500VDC
Dielectric StrengthDielectric Strength Between coil and Contacts      750VAC 1min
Between open contacts       500VAC 1min
Operate time(at nomi.Volt) Max:   15ms
Release time(at nomi.Volt) Max:   10ms
Temperature rise(at nomi.Volt) Max:   60℃
Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Shock ResistanceShock Resistance stability   98m/s2
intensity   980m/s2
Vibration Resistance  Double oscillation amplitude:1.5mm     10~55Hz
Humidity 35%~85%RH
Temperature -40% +85℃
Termination PCB  And Momentary connection leading-out terminal
Unit weigth  
Construction Sealed IP67 And No Sealed IP67

Coil Power

Coil Power 1.6W

Coil data

Nominal Voltage VDC Action voltageVDC Drop-out Voltage VDC Max voltageVDC Max voltageVDC
6 4.2 0.6 7.2 23±10%
9 6.3 0.9 10.8 51±10%
12 8.4 1.2 14.4 90±10%
24 16.8 2.4 28.8 360±10%
36 25.2 3.6 43.2 810±10%
48 33.6 4.8 57.6 1440±10%

Outline Dimensions And Wiring Diagram
Mini relay-automotive relay


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