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Time Switch

Name: ND 190 Time Switch


Ordering Information
Time Switch

● There are at most 16 combinations of switches in one day, 16 combinations of different switch procedure can be set every day at will. The shortest time interval is 1 minute. Manual and auto, have the function of dormancy and summer time at the same time.

● Connect directly, have the characteristics of small volume, low watt loss, wide range of work temperature and strong anti- interference ability.

● It can control neon light, advertising lamp, street light, automatically water supply and charge-in of livestock breeding, automatic work of machine tool and various electric cabinets, auto control of distribution box etc. It can turn on and turn off the light ,TV and air condition etc in fixed time, then let your family get into the intelligence turns in advance.

Standard voltage AC220V/50/60Hz
Scope of power supply in point 160V~240VAC
Resistive load of switch capability 16A
Wasting powe <2VA
Scope of time control 1MIN~168HOUR
Time error <±0.5 SECOND/DAY
Circumstance temperature -25℃~60℃
Relatively humidity <95%

Time Switch
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