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Hour Meter

Name: DHC3L Series Hour Meter


Ordering Information
Hour MeterHour Meter

1.DIN-size standard panel 48×24mm , 50×60mm available by expanding frame.

2.Self-power, the Li battery inside

3.No voltage input type, DC voltage input type and AC voltage input type are available.

4.6 or 8 segment LCD display.

5.Comply with the standard: Q/WDH02-2003,GB14048.5-2001, IEC60947-5-1:1997

Model explanation
Hour Meter

Technical parameter

Hour Meter Hour Meter Hour Meter

Wiring and note:

Hour Meter


1.The switch or circuit of timer’s signal input and reset input are close to the terminal of timer, keep the input line as short as possible.

2.DHC3L-A is signal AC voltage input type (input voltage AC/DC110V-240V), but for reset signal ,refer to (3),only can input terminal signal, not voltage signal. Otherwise the timer not only burned ,also cause inner Li battery exploded.

3.Don’t connect the reset signal for a long time , in order to avoid wasting battery.

4.Keep reliable terminal input.

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